Group 3 –

Why Men Prefer Airplanes Over Women

39 responses to “Group 3 –

  1. i hope this is a joke…

  2. So basically the airplane is a slut. she goes from guy to guy just like an airplane touches and goes from place to place.

  3. Funny, interesting, nice sense of humour

  4. Faleye Julius

    It’d make sense but very funny keep it up.

  5. No… humour requires a bit more than this…sorry..

  6. I find people without a sense of humour entertaining sometimes. Asking “is this a joke”, “are you serious”, I mean how stupid are you to not realise this is a joke. So either you find it funny and have a laugh, or you don’t think it’s funny so write it off as a boring person trying to be funny and keep moving. But taking this seriously to argue and say someone has a problem with women, pfft

  7. Seriously?

  8. The reader could be forgiven for thinking you have a problem with women, or you’re mad at your wife.

  9. What an awesome tease to women they should be jealous of Airplane now:)

  10. Just wondering what the purpose is – am I missing something?

  11. Personally I prefer the non-mechanical, if somewhat more unpredictable, nature of women. Besides they are a lot softer and more cuddly to curl up with.

  12. I always thought of infographics as being informational, as in with REAL, facts and having a purpose, not just a comparison between two things. Anywho, I agree with the two previous comments: Awful, and Not to be taken seriously.

  13. I have to say, as an Infographic this does not work. It’s essentially all text (Infotext?) and the few graphics there are are very poor. Also, people seem to be offended by it.

  14. ummmm…… interesting….

  15. Have a Super Saturday!

  16. Styled infograph. Killing me softly with his plane.:-)

  17. OK, honey, you’re going. I’m getting an airplane.😉

  18. I love it, especially the last one. I think you got it : a lot of provocation, a zest of cynicism, 1 Tbs of Humor and a bestseller title !

  19. Very enjoyable read. I think people are too concerned here with your underlying motivations. Women do these kinds of comparisons all the time and people just laugh and agree. You’ll graduate with honors! If women are blind to some of their own faults and shortcomings, maybe this will give a little insight. You can’t fly a plane if you are blind, but the blinder you are, the easier it is to love a woman.

  20. Women make you land harder than a plane on an emergency maneuver…..

  21. Obviously you got a problem with women.

  22. ola, bom seu site..

  23. goood to know…..

  24. are you a pilot?! i think women drives you mad than you enjoy operating the planes…

  25. ahahaha! thi make me smile…thank you:)

  26. rasty movvafagh baaaashii!!:)

  27. only God knows what is really in your heart?!a woman or an airplane?!which one do you prefer to talk to when you are sad and need a shoulder to cry on?!Just God knows!!:)

  28. well just because your special and i know better i will accept

  29. In addition to all above, you are sure that everyone else who has been inside your airplane, was checked for safety :-)))) but not in your woman !!!

  30. is this joke or what.or are we trying to compare two thing.But if you ask me i will tell that an airplain is prifairible than a woman

  31. What is this, misogyny: the flowchart? Have fun paying for the apparently cheap airplane maintenance, because it’ll be the only thing you have.

  32. is this a joke? university assignment? really?

  33. Tirititaun

    Absolutely awful. Hope you won’t graduate

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