Group 9a

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6 responses to “Group 9a

  1. Add survival against wildlife.

  2. diablo3patch1.06isamazing

    you need to be a fast thinker and making better decisions and thinking about how to spent the money earned . also when you watch tournaments and see huge screens , just look at the screen of the computers they use , they have the lowest resolution cos its easier to get headshots ..

  3. 36%: some college – so dropouts are the biggest group?

  4. George J Lloyd

    Please show some love to Community Coffee….

  5. According to this clip 47% of the gamers is female, and the average age of gamers is 30.

  6. Well it seems nice, but I wouldn’t say that 40% of gamers are women. I’d say that only 20% or less(but it’s only my opinion). One thing to add (maybe): I read an article once saying that playing FPS(or action) games may improve your eyesight because of focusing on targets that are for example in dark, or far away etc..

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