Group 4a

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11 responses to “Group 4a

  1. I do wish that you would not refer to cups. In sceintific parlance that should equate to 125ml per cup, but many people will assume that it refers to the cup or mug that they are holding and that can easily be 300ml or more.

  2. Great Stats also a growing business where speciality coffee is growing 20% a year.

  3. Churendy Martina

    looks good! Didn’t know this about my cup of coffee

  4. The fascinating thing for me was relative consumption. Finland compared to UK? Amazing. I would use that stat to tweet and to get attention for the whole infographic. And get all the coffee tweeps (and Finns) doing likewise. Starbucks, Finnish tourist board etc etc.

  5. Nice poster.

  6. Thank you for your positive comments, we really appreciate that ! yes I believe you are right about the prostate cancer but we couldn’t find any relevant source of information about that, do you have one ?

  7. Yes, i second that motion, or don’t you know that it’s also addictive?

  8. Coffee also lowers the risk of prostrate cancer in men,you didn’t mention that

  9. Awesome, but where did you indicate the adverse effect of the Caffeine intake huh?

  10. Nice job!!!

  11. Nice one!!!

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